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Mailbag: Draft Priorities; Next Step For Woods


What do you think Xavier Woods needs to improve on the most for him to take the next step? I think the big one is interceptions, but outside of that he played well for a first-year starter. - TYLER BAEM / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Bryan: You'd love for him to get more interceptions, but how many chances did he really have? Where I want to see Woods improve is with his anticipation. I'd like for him to see the field a little better too. Try and put himself in better positions to make plays. He does that, and those interceptions will come.

Rob: To me, it's simply building on all the improvements he made last season. He took a step toward becoming a well-rounded safety. He was a different player in 2018, clearly more adjusted. Besides the two interceptions, he did a better job of diagnosing things in coverage and his tackling was really good. They've got high hopes for him.


So what are your draft priorities after the recent signings? My rankings are: Defensive end (it depends on what happens with DeMarcus Lawrence), running back, defensive tackle, strong safety. - RANDY SEEDLE / WAKE VILLAGE, TN

Bryan: I am going to give you theirs, not mine: defensive tackle, safety and running back. I'd keep an eye on corner too. 

Rob: I'd put defensive tackle first. Christian Covington and Kerry Hyder add depth, but if there's a disruptive guy with some position flex on Day 2, draft him. They also still need a backup for Zeke on Day 2 or 3. Other than that, just find good players: safeties, pass rushers, receivers, corners, wherever.

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