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Mailbag: Easiest Position To Adapt To For Draftees?


Better chance of being a Cowboy in 2015: Bruce Carter or DeMarco Murray?

Rowan: That's a good question, and I'm leaning toward Carter. There's no doubt their performances next season will determine that, but I imagine Carter will be significantly more affordable. With the cap situation the way it is, I'm not sure they can hold onto Murray.

David: That question is one that should pay dividends for the Cowboys in 2014. Both players have a lot to prove as they enter the final years of their rookie contracts – Carter, that his step backward in 2013 was an aberration, and Murray, that he can hold up health-wise and maintain his Pro Bowl production. I think Rowan's right that Carter will be more affordable, but if Murray has another strong season, I'd imagine Jerry Jones will find a way to keep a star running back around.

Of all the Cowboys' needs -- DT, DE, FS, WR -- which do you think has the easiest transition from college ball to the NFL? I think, if maybe DT is an [embedded_ad] easier transition, then if they have comparable players at other positions in the first round, they should prioritize DE or FS -- I guess they'd take that into account when building the draft board, right?

Rowan: I think both of the positions on the line that you listed are the easiest transitions, and I'd probably go with the outside defensive end pass rusher as the easiest transition. I'm sure they do take that into account. There's no sure bet on any of those positions, but I think it's easier to predict players on the line than the other two you mentioned.

David: I would guess that rushing the passer is the quickest skill to adapt to for a young player in the league right now – we've seen rookies like Aldon Smith  come out and put together big seasons quickly. I get what you're saying. But I would hope they don't take a lesser talent at any position simply because it's an "easier" transition. Take the best guy available that suits what you need, regardless of position.

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