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Mailbag: Evaluate Other WRs Before Signing OBJ?


It seems the Cowboys' philosophy of not overspending for players is working. Shouldn't they see what they have in wide receiver Antonio Callaway and even James Washington before overspending for Odell Beckham Jr.? – Frank Alarid/Santa Fe, NM

Nick: Hmm, not a bad thought. But right now, it seems like the Cowboys - and especially Jerry Jones - just has his mind made up that he's going to do what it takes to get Beckham. That being said, I seriously doubt that James Washington and Antonio Callaway could do much of anything to change his mind. You could say, "let's see what they've got" but one could argue that we already know all of that. These aren't young players who need a chance. The entire NFL has evaluated both players and they're here for a reason. But again, your line of thinking is logical and could be prudent, based off the cap situations. I just don't think any positive evaluation of either player is going to back them off of Beckham. And don't forget if they sign him, it'll be for multiple years so it's not just a rental player.

Patrik: I could see the logic in this, but time is running out on the 2022 season and the Cowboys need an instant contributor right now. And while there's no clue from anyone in the league how long it'll be before Beckham is back to top form, it bears mentioning he's been in this position before and was able to quickly hit the ground running, whereas Washington had never suffered major injury before this year and Callaway's last catch in the NFL was more than two calendar years ago (11/29/2020 for Dolphins vs. Jets). There's simply too much unknown surrounding Washington and Callaway — far more than Beckham (who explosive this time last year) — so I'm fine with loosening the purse strings to try and woo him here.

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