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Mailbag: Expectations For Donovan Wilson?


With so much uncertainty still with the safety position, can you tell me why Donovan Wilson isn't getting much consideration for a starting position? The guy did nothing but make plays all last preseason and he hardly got an opportunity during the 2019 season. — JOHN PHILLIPS / CARY, NC

Rob: Well, a new coaching staff can mean a clean slate for a young player like Wilson. But experience was the major factor in keeping him off the field last year. Not only were Jeff Heath and Xavier Woods established players at safety, the previous staff trusted Darian Thompson to make the right decisions when he played back there. Woods is back, Thompson is back, HaHa Clinton-Dix should have a big role, and it's always possible the Cowboys move a cornerback to safety to help with numbers if needed.

David: Day 3 draft picks are a lot like lottery tickets. If one of them hits, that's absolutely awesome. But it's not exactly a sound financial strategy to bank on winning the Powerball. Hopefully Donovan Wilson can continue to progress and push for playing time, but I'm not exactly surprised that he's behind three experienced starters on the depth chart. But I'm excited to see where he is in his progression.

What do you think the Cowboys saw in Ron'Dell Carter to give him the reported large undrafted contract? I've watched him for several years here at James Madison and thought he should have been drafted. — TOM DiVECHHIA / ELKTON, VA

Rob: Ben DiNucci wasn't the only James Madison player in consideration for the Cowboys late in the draft. Obviously, Carter was a priority free agent for them after the draft, and they weren't the only team interested. According to reports, more than 20 teams had interest. His motor is what really stands out. He lived in the backfield at JMU and had 27 tackles for loss last season. The Cowboys think he's got a real chance to make the team, or they wouldn't have pushed to sign him.

David: For all the success that undrafted players have had in this league, it's rare to see an undrafted success story at defensive end. Guys who can rush the passer are typically discovered by personnel departments and draft highly. That's what makes Carter so intriguing. Any time a team gives that much money to an undrafted guy, it's worth paying attention. When we finally get around to watching practice, I can't wait to see what he's all about.

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