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Mailbag: Explaining The Waivers Situation


With Brandon Knight not reporting to the Ravens, can the Cowboys claim him and re-sign him to the practice squad? – DAVID HESSE / APPLETON, WI

David: I don't know what's going on with Knight, but his options are very limited. By claiming him, the Baltimore Ravens own his rights. If he doesn't show up, they'll likely place him on the reserve/did not report list – which essentially means that he's not on their team, but he can't play for anyone else. Theoretically, Baltimore could release him, which would allow him to sign wherever he wants. But I don't know why the Ravens would reward him for refusing to abide by the rules of the league.

Rob: As Dave said, the Ravens now have Knight's contract rights by virtue of the waiver claim process. He provided solid depth at guard and tackle the last few years. Tough decision to waive him, but I think it speaks to the current depth on the offensive line. Even if Terence Steele is no longer starting now that La'el Collins is back, he's obviously a better player in Year 2. And the Cowboys believe backup Connor McGovern is a starting-caliber player.

I am loving this season and enjoying the present, but I have looked at that cluster of divisional games at the end of the season with a little worry. Are Washington's struggles bigger than "not clicking," or is there still a chance they figure this thing out? Divisional games are a coin flip and I would like to have a year where we sweep them twice. – RYAN BOWLEN / AUSTIN, TX

David: Part of the fun of the season is that it's going to change drastically over the course of four months. Everyone left the Cowboys for dead at 3-5 back in 2018, and then they went 7-1 and won the division. Someone who started slow is going to rebound in the second half, and it may well be Washington. Between Kansas City, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Washington, the Cowboys are going to play some big-time games in the home stretch. It should be fun. Fortunately for Dallas, Dak Prescott owns a 21-6 record against the NFC East and a 7-1 record against Washington. I'll take those odds.

Rob: The biggest difference for Washington this year is on defense. Only gave up 20.6 points per game last year. Right now they're giving up an NFL-high 31.0 per game. That said, there's still a ton of talent, a ton of high draft picks on that side of the ball, particularly up front. That's still not a fun matchup. I agree the division games are a toss-up. But I don't think there's any question that the Cowboys are the best team in the East right now.

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