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Mailbag: Facing Colt McCoy; T-Will's Status?


I remember Coach Parcells always teaching his players to avoid the "trap game." With Colt McCoy being named the starter and having played football in the state of Texas, I get the sneaky suspicion he might come out and play extremely well. And given how the Cowboys haven't always fared that well against sudden backup QB's in recent years, it just screams "TRAP GAME" to me. What can this team do to avoid it? - FRED ROBERTS / SALEM, OR

Rob: There are no trap games when you're 5-5. Zero. Every game means too much. Plus, the last time the Cowboys played against Colt McCoy, he snapped their six-game win streak as the fill-in starter on this Washington football team. I realize almost none of the current Cowboys defense was here in 2014, but I'm sure they're aware.

Bryan: Trap games are for teams with winning records – not for teams that are fighting for their lives. If they're not focusing on this game, then they deserve the fate they receive. 


Now that Terrance Williams' suspension has been lifted by Roger Goodell, how does he fit in to the receiving rotation? Or does he even get activated for games? - JAMES C / PALM HARBOR, FL

Rob: I believe Williams isn't eligible to return until the home game against the Eagles on Dec. 9. Yes, he served the three-game suspension while on injured reserve, but he must be on IR a minimum of eight weeks since Oct. 6. So the earliest he can come back is still a few weeks away.

Bryan: I honestly don't expect that we will see Terrance Williams any time soon. From what I've been told he is still dealing with that foot injury. They've found a rotation and I believe they're going to continue to ride it.

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