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Mailbag: Filling Out The WR Depth Chart?


After Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup and CeeDee Lamb, how many additional wide receivers do you see the Cowboys carrying on the roster in 2020 and which receivers currently on the roster do you see sticking around? MIKE LUCAS / ROCHESTER, NY

Jonny:Despite pretty clear talent at the top of the receiver depth chart, this is ultimately going to come down to Mike McCarthy's preference. Cooper and Gallup are not without injury history, so my guess is they would keep three additional receivers on the roster. Devin Smith and Cedrick Wilson will likely get opportunities, but I'm not quite sure what reasons this new staff would have to be confident in them. They'll be looking toward their undrafted free agents for a potential breakout receiver. Aaron Parker out of Rhode Island is a guy I'd keep my eye on to make a case for being on the active roster.

Rob: Usually the Cowboys go with five or six receivers. A lot of young players will be competing for those final two or three spots. I would think they've got to help on special teams. Ventell Bryant did that last year, so he might have an edge. Cedrick Wilson and Devin Smith obviously have some experience playing receiver in the league – and Noah Brown, too, when he hasn't been dealing with injuries. Jon'Vea Johnson, who spent last year on injured reserve, flashed in preseason but needed to be more consistent. And as I wrote about Wednesday, the Cowboys are adding some rookie free agents with talent. It'll be interesting.

With the drafting of CeeDee Lamb, and him getting the No. 88 jersey, can we assume that the door has "officially" been closed on a Dez Bryant return? — JEFF HUGHES / WICHITA FALLS, TX

Jonny: It's time to change the locks on that door that I don't think was ever open in the first place. I personally love Dez, and I think there's value that he could have provided to the Cowboys last year or this year. But Mike McCarthy didn't return to the NFL after a year off of coaching to be beholden to players from the Jason Garrett era. Jerry Jones makes all the final decisions, but the biggest decision he made this year was hiring McCarthy, and I believe he's inclined to let him build his own culture. Bryant is a wide receiver on the wrong side of an Achilles injury. McCarthy wouldn't consider him if he were coaching a different team, and I don't think he's interested now.

Rob: I don't know about "officially," but yeah, giving 88 to Lamb almost feels like a passing of the torch. It's hard for me to ever say "never" with the Cowboys, especially given Bryant's emotional ties to the organization and the Joneses. And obviously he's motivated to make a comeback. But Bryant's career skill set has never seemed tailor made for the Cowboys' needs in this particular offseason. Lamb is more of a fit for them in the slot, and that's what they needed to address after Randall Cobb left for the Texans. I hope Dez can make it back to the league – if not here, then somewhere.

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