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Mailbag: Finding A Comparison To Dak Prescott?


I'm a long time Dallas and Mississippi State fan (nearly 50 years for both to be exact). I'll admit even I did not see the record-setting rookie season coming at all, so congrats to Dak, but I did compare him back then to one Steve McNair in terms of toughness and play and leadership potential. Do you see some of McNair in his game now? - JOSEPH CRUM / CORINTH, MS

Bryan: That's very fair. Both extremely tough and great teammates. Not always perfect passing the ball but good enough to get the job done. Bottom line is both are winners.

Rob: I recall's Bucky Brooks making this comparison when Prescott was coming out of school. I think you make a good assessment. McNair was a terrific leader, and this has become Prescott's locker room. I've always thought there are some similarities to Alex Smith in terms of mobility and decision-making as well.


So Tank is signed, and up next Dak, Zeke, Amari Cooper and possibly Byron Jones. Not much talk about Jaylon Smith. He was drafted the same year as Zeke and Dak as a second-rounder and his contract is up this year, so I assume they are talking to his agent? - CHRISTOPHER AMOTT / OXFORD, UNITED KINGDOM

Bryan: Hey, Chris. They're on Smith and the others. The cap guys are open for business. Guys that come to them and are ready to deal will get the first shot to get signed.

Rob: Technically, Smith will be a restricted free agent after 2019 because he didn't get an accrued season for his 'redshirt' rookie year in 2016. That means the Cowboys would be able to match any offer from a team next year. But good thinking, Christopher. No question Smith is a guy they want to build around long term, too.

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