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Mailbag: Getting Griffen Ready To Go?


Everson Griffen took his time signing with a team. How quickly do you think he can be ready now that he's with the Cowboys? — JAY MORENO / GLENDALE, AZ

Jonny: I have no inside information on how well he has kept himself in condition over the offseason. But to be perfectly honest, we could sort of say that about all the Cowboys during these unusual times. He'll obviously be a little behind in terms of defensive schemes, but there's a full training camp to catch up. Also, I don't want to pretend the defensive line is a simple position, but there is one particular goal that is pretty simple: get to the quarterback. Griffin has 10 years of experience knowing how to do that.

David: If ever there was a year to sign up late, this is probably the one. Nobody has a true offseason, and practice hasn't even started at training camp. So, assuming Griffen has been working out on his own, he's not even that far behind. Combine that with the fact that he's a 10-year veteran, and I think he'll be just fine.

Does the Everson Griffen signing mean the Cowboys do not think Randy Gregory will be reinstated? — JEFF GALLO / BROOMFIELD, CO

Jonny: I don't know if it means that necessarily, but I think it implies that they, like Gregory, are not getting sufficient updates about the likelihood that he'll be reinstated. In a league that rarely rewards patience, eventually you have to treat not knowing the answer to a yes or no question like it's a no. The Cowboys had a starting position to fill, and Griffin is much closer to a sure thing than Gregory at this point in time.

David: I think it means the Cowboys are approaching the situation the way they should. Randy's status is beyond their control. It would be wonderful to have him back, but it would be foolish to count on something that isn't up to them. By signing Griffen, they're adding proven production at a position of need. That doesn't mean there wouldn't be room for Randy if he is reinstated, it's just a matter of covering their bases.

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