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Mailbag: Getting Hot At The Right Time?


With still two games remaining it is still hypothetical, but at this stage of the season I see somewhat of a similarity between this Cowboys team and the Giants who won the Super Bowl in 2011. That season the Giants barely made the playoffs as a wild card with a 9-7 record. They happened to get hot at just the right time, winning all their playoff games on the road and ultimately beating the Patriots – never an easy task – in the Super Bowl. As the situation stands now do you agree that it is realistic to think that the Cowboys may be able to duplicate that effort? -FRED LONDON / MORRISTOWN, TN

Rob: If they play this way consistently – clean, complementary football – then yes, it's possible. I do not believe anyone overrated the talent on this team. They're capable of doing this against good teams. I think if anything, we underestimate the talent on other teams and how hard it is to win in this league. Jerry Jones must have used the word "physical" five or six times in describing the team on Sunday. They were dominant up front on both sides of the ball, and they handled adversity throughout the game much better. That's how you win late in the season. That's what they must continue to do.

David: That's obviously the hope. And considering the strength of that performance against the Rams, it's hard not to be intrigued. But consistency has been the Cowboys' biggest issue all season long. I need to see them play well in these final two weeks before I begin to believe. My faith in their ability just might hinge on whether they can build on this success by clinching their playoff spot against Philly.

The shellacking the Cowboys gave the Rams was an identity statement. Should we expect Dallas to continue to commit to the run and see more of Tony Pollard into the postseason? - J.M. SMITH / WALDORF, MD

Rob: Got to get into the postseason first. But yeah, I never really bought the narrative midseason that the Cowboys are now a 'passing team.' Dak Prescott has taken the next step in his development and this offense, at its best, is a pick-your-poison group. But Elliott is still the engine. When they run the ball well, it opens up so many possibilities on offense, including the creativity that everybody wants. Opponents have taken Elliott out of the game early recently by building big leads, but this last month he's run as well as he has all season. Pollard will be factor on offense if they can keep scores manageable and allow him to work in as a change of pace for Elliott.

David: I'm going to wind up giving the same answer, I'm afraid. How many times have we seen performances like this, only for it to disappear the next week? I need to see it in consecutive games before I believe that it's a trend. For now, it's an encouraging sign. But it's too soon for me to think they've turned some kind of corner.

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