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Mailbag: Giants Offense Under Jason Garrett?


Can we expect to see a close version of the Cowboys offense in New York next season with Jason Garrett taking over as their offensive coordinator? – ROBERT TERRY / CLINTON, MD

David: I would assume it will look familiar, but you also have to remember that it's been a long time since Jason Garrett put an offense together. He hasn't been a play caller since 2013, and Scott Linehan and Kellen Moore each put their stamp on things over that period of time. But yes, if I had to guess, he'll probably lean on a lot of concepts we've grown familiar with over the years.

Lindsay: It's fascinating how this league is just a continual rotation of coaches who mesh together what they have known, mastered and learned. If you arrived to a new team, you're going to bring what you thought were your best and most successful concepts. I see Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley being the most mirrored pieces to the Cowboys and Giants offenses, so it's probably safe to start there.

Do you think that Thaddeus Moss would be a good fit at TE for the Cowboys? What round would you target him? – MATTHEW GARRITY / KENNEWICK, WA

David: Another interesting thing about the coaching change. Under the previous regime, I'd have said absolutely not. Moss is an adequate blocker, but he's not as well-rounded as the previous staff would have preferred. Under Mike McCarthy, though, perhaps the Cowboys are a little more willing to give up blocking ability in favor of playmaking ability. Moss runs good routes and has great hands. If he's still there in the third or fourth round, I'd be happy to draft him.

Lindsay: I mean, my buddy Dave is a LSU Grad and recent natty champion, so I'm going with his opinion. But for what it's worth, I've been clamoring for a high tight end draft pick for four seasons now. I get that the pick has to be right, but I think a dynamic, fast, lengthy and dominant tight end changes the game. Moss isn't exactly that, but hey – with 20 new coaches, things are about to look real different around here.

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