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Mailbag: Gregory's Potential; Offense's Rhythm


Do you think Randy Gregory will become a consistently dominant player like he was against the Bucs, or a good player who makes plays from time to time? Either way, I'm rooting for the kid. - DONALD LEWIS

Bryan: Gregory is capable of playing like that every week. Some matchups are going to be better for him going forward and others won't be. You have to remember that he hasn't played much football and every time he goes out there he will gain more experience. He's a fun player to watch on the development side of things.

Rob: He's got more than just 'good' pass rush skills. The longer he's on the field day to day, practicing and playing, the better he's going to get. I believe some of the penalties he's gotten are a product of inexperience -- being out of the game for essentially two years. Six sacks in 13 games, after everything he's been through, is impressive.


The last two weeks the offense seems to have returned to early-season form and not surprisingly that is reflected in Dak's 5.7 YPA as teams have seemingly rendered Amari Cooper non-existent (8 rec, 52 yds, 6.5 avg). Why has that happened, and why was it two "lesser" secondaries that were able to do it? - A KAPLAN

Bryan: If you had a chance to study the coaches tape each week, it's not defenses taking things away from Cooper -- it's Prescott going to other options that are now open. Cole Beasley and Michael Gallup were great examples of that. The threat of having Cooper is better than actually using him at times.

Rob: Agree with Bryan here. I also think you have to look at both games separately. The Colts played zone and were able to pressure Dak Prescott pretty consistently, affecting the downfield passing game. The Bucs game had a strange flow to it – the offense ran only 22 plays in the first half and 50 total. But there's no question the offense is at its best when Cooper is getting those chunk plays, and I think he's capable of helping them out more in the red zone, too.

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