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Mailbag: Gut Feeling on Dak's Contract?


What's your gut feeling on what happens with the Dak Prescott contract situation? – JAMISON BENGE / BALTIMORE, MD

Nick: My gut feeling is that they won't get a contract done before the deadline and Dak will be given the franchise tag. He'll be on the tag for a few months and a deal will be reached in the summer, but probably after free agency so it won't free up that much money. Something tells me, because they have never been in a hurry here, is that this won't be a back-loaded contract that frees up immediate space anyways.

David: It's going to get done, and the eventual price tag is going to spark debate for years to come. I don't think Dak will set the market, but I think he'll slot in somewhere between $34-36 million per year. That's going to prompt a lot of discussion among fans and media – and not the polite kind. What I don't know is whether the deal will come soon, or following a long franchise tag negotiation. Honestly, I'm shocked it hasn't happened yet.

Which new coaching hire do you think will have the most immediate or noticeable impact for the team going forward? – SEAN SELLERS / RALEIGH, NC

Nick: Lots of answers to choose from, but I'll say John Fassel. I think the special teams units will probably be a bigger point of emphasis than before and they'll likely give Fassel more to work with than Keith O'Quinn and some other coaches have had in the past. Look for those savvy veterans at linebacker and safety that will probably find their way to the roster. That being said, I think Fassel is a really good coach and is always looking to improve his area of expertise. 

David: I'm hoping the answer is Mike Nolan. He's got 30 years of experience coaching defense, and he's got expertise at the linebacker position. That sounds encouraging for a team with a duo of talented young linebackers. One of the Cowboys' top priorities should be finding a way to get the most out of Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch. Hopefully Nolan can help with that.

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