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Mailbag: Has Albright Found A Spot For Years To Come?


Is it just me, or did Alex Albright seem to be all over the field against the Steelers? Has he finally found a spot on this team, and where do you see him fitting in when the starters return next season?

Jonny: Albright has definitely made the most of his opportunities the past few weeks and, depending on the health of Ernie Sims, I the Cowboys may rely on him to help keep Darren Sproles in check this Sunday. As far as what the future holds for him, that's not quite as clear. I think that both he and Sims have proven they can be valuable players to have in your depth chart and I think the Cowboys wouldn't be opposed to having both of them around next season. Albright is also a pretty good special teams players so he can make an impact in a number of ways.

Nick: I think he was all over the field, and not just covering a lot of ground, but playing different positions. You say he's found a spot on this team, but it's like he has found three or four. That's what makes him a valuable player because he can be plugged into different spots. I think he'll be back next year for sure, regardless what happens with Anthony Spencer on the outside. He's got a unique role.


After seeing James Hanna's emergence, it makes me wonder where John Phillips has been this year. He was tearing it up before his knee injury. What happened?

Jonny: Phillips has seemed to have gotten lost in the mix. I wouldn't say that he has been hindered by his knee, I think it's more that the Cowboys felt that they have had something of a secret weapon in Hanna. I still think Phillips is a good option at second tight end and might be a starting caliber player this year. This is a contract year for him and most of Jason Witten's backups have gone on to become starters somewhere else. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future for Phillips.

Nick: Hanna has four catches. I know he had two last week and three in the last two games, but I'm not sure we're ready to call it an emergence. That being said, Phillips has eight and for less yards than Hanna's. We're talking about the ninth or 10th option here so I'm not sure it matters a lot for this year. I think Phillips has just been Ok, but he's not really dynamic with any part of his game. Hanna at least gives you some speed and quickness at the tight end position. He's only getting better.

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