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Mailbag: Has The Culture Improved Under Garrett?


I know that in today's NFL it's about now. Not last season, not last game, but now. Jason Garrett's job might be on the line this season, but from what I see, the culture is changing for the good. Am I right or am I drinking the blue Kool-Aid?

Rowan: I think you're right that the culture's great now, but it's about winning games. I can guarantee no fan of the Cowboys would care at all about the culture if they won double digit games every year. Garrett has the "right type of guys" that he wants to win, but it's about actually going onto the field and doing it now.

David: It's probably a little bit of both. This is the time of year where fans tend to hype up the little things. But I think you have a point. Garrett and the front office have infused a lot of new blood into this roster – young blood, at that. And the vast majority of these guys don't come with any drama or baggage. It's hard to judge 100 percent as an outsider, but it certainly seems like a cohesive, healthy locker room.

Do you think there is any way that the Cowboys go after Brandon Flowers to pair up with his former teammate Brandon Carr? Any appeal for them at all there, or do they have their CB's [embedded_ad] set?

Rowan: Any time a big-name free agent corner is on the market, they'll be obvious questions about the Cowboys' interest, and that's fair. I just don't think it happens. The Cowboys are pretty dead-set on their top three corners, with the rest of the corner spots up for grabs. Flowers wouldn't come in here as a fourth corner, and I don't think they'll want to pony up the cash it would take to sign him, despite the familiarity and friendship Carr has with Flowers.

David: Cowboys fans clearly don't want to hear it based on the number of cornerback-related questions we get, but this team's top three corners are set in my opinion. Carr and Claiborne are too talented, and have too much money invested in them to ride the bench. Orlando Scandrick had his best-ever season last year. The battle for the spots below them will be interesting, but I don't think this team is interested in shuffling the top of the depth chart. Not this year, at least.

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