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Mailbag: How Deep Is This Year's Draft?


Every year I tell myself, "This is a deep draft, I would love to see the Cowboys draft 'x' player in rounds 5, 6 or 7." How would you rate the depth of this year's draft compared to those from previous years? — GARET TANAKA / WAILUKU, HI

David: I think that depends on the positions you're considering. We've talked a ton about how deep this receiver class is, so I feel good about that. I also think this is a draft where you can find really talented offensive linemen and linebackers throughout all seven rounds. In other respects, not so much. I'm not sold on the edge rusher talent in this draft class, and I don't love very many options at tight end. Still, I think this is a class with enough talent that the Cowboys can expect to find a handful of playmakers if they do their jobs the right way.

Rob: That answer always depends on the position. It's a pretty good quarterback class that's loaded at the top. Same with offensive tackle. Interior offensive line, not as much. Receiver is as deep as I can remember in a while and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a run on wideouts before the Cowboys pick at 17.

With the NFL draft quickly approaching, and for the sake of a fun exercise, which of the Cowboys' non-first-round picks have graded higher than their draft spot suggested, and what round would they be in, in an ideal re-draft? For instance, I think Jourdan Lewis has outplayed his draft spot, and I currently rank him a mid-second rounder. — KELBY STEPHENS / ABILENE, TX

David: The obvious one is DeMarcus Lawrence. He was taken at the top of the second round, pick No. 34, back in 2014. But if you re-drafted today it'd be easy to argue he's a top 10 pick. Same goes for La'el Collins. Bizarre circumstances pushed him out of the 2015 NFL Draft altogether, but knowing what we know now he would likely be a top 10 pick. I'd also like to show some love for Xavier Woods. He might not be the most valuable draft pick in recent memory, but his contributions to this point have been far more valuable than pick No. 191. If you could do the 2017 draft over again, Woods is probably a third or fourth-round pick.

Rob: Lewis probably would've (and should've) gone in the second round if not for a lingering court case that cleared up by July 2017. Lawrence is the guy that would jump into the top 10-15 of a 2014 re-draft. Xavier Woods would far exceed sixth-round status. Michael Gallup (third-rounder in 2018) is poised to have a career worthy of a first-round selection. Oh, and some guy named Dak would never be mere a fourth-round pick in a re-draft.

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