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Mailbag: How Did The Rookie TEs Play vs. Giants?


I thought we would struggle with our tight ends in the Giants game with Dalton Schultz inactive. How did they grade? What did you think of them? I thought they had a nice game. – ADRIANO

Patrik: I believe Jake Ferguson did a nice job in registering 53 offensive snaps (83%), and while his stat line won't reflect it, his ability to help greatly in the run game – via his prowess as a blocker – was on full display. As for Hendershot, to me it was all about how mentally resilient he was, going from two first half penalties that could've caused the rookie to tailspin but were instead used as fuel to deliver an impact second half. Neither first-year guy was perfect, but I don't think the Cowboys win on Monday night if not for their contributions.

Kyle: There was a certain level of play that both rookies were expected to bring and they definitely brought it. No one realistically was expecting Jake Ferguson and Peyton Hendershot to produce a George Kittle or Travis Kelce stat line, but they did their job. Ferguson affected the run game while blocking and presenting another option in Kellen Moore's scheme. Hendershot showed his receiving prowess and deep threat ability with his three receptions for 43 yards. The way both rookies responded after adversity (i.e. the Hendershot false start), was extremely encouraging as well. If they can continue to hold a role like they have, there's a shot for more playing time coming their way.

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