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Mailbag: How Does Roster Stack Up To The NFC?




From top to bottom talent-wise, how do you think the Cowboys roster stacks up with the rest of the league?

Bryan: I tend to look at how it stacks up to the rest of the division. The ideal is to try and win that first to get in the playoffs. Last season, I thought it was one of the best but they were poor at receiver, offensive line and linebacker depth. I believe they've improved two of the three with my questions coming at receiver. With that being said I rank them behind Philadelphia and ahead of New York and Washington. The Eagles have done a great job improving their roster since Chip Kelly left. 

David: For the most part, I think it stacks up really well. Offensive line, running back and cornerback look like strong spots. Wide receiver and safety are concerning. The problem is that, specifically in the NFC, there are so many loaded teams. I think this is a really good roster, but I am not sure if it is one of the six best rosters in the conference.



Where do you think the Cowboys will go heavy on their 53-man roster, and where will they go light?

Bryan: I think they go heavy on defensive line and light on the offensive line. Could see them having a hard time getting their numbers down on the defensive line. Appears to be a good group of players. 

David: The versatility of this offensive line means I think you could go light – maybe as few as eight guys. I think you could probably also go light at tight end and carry just three. I'm guessing they keep at least nine, if not 10 defensive linemen. Receiver is also another problem spot. I think they'll keep six, or maybe even seven wide outs.

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