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Mailbag: How Improved Is The Depth? Street's Role In The Regular Season?

So far, Devin Street has really shown up in practices and the preseason. But even if he continues his improved play, do you see him realistically getting many opportunities in the regular season knowing that Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley and Jason Witten are all sitting there in front of him?

Bryan: If Street continues to run his routes and finish the plays the way he has, I don't care who is in front of him – they will find ways to get him the ball.

Rob: We answered a similar question about Gavin Escobar a few days ago. There are indeed only so many passes to go around. Look at Williams – fans wonder if he can improve on last year's 37 catches and eight touchdowns, but Alvin Harper never had more than 36 catches and eight touchdowns in a season playing opposite Michael Irvin. It's not necessarily quantity but efficiency – can Street maximize his chances when the offense goes to multi-receiver sets? He's shown promise in that area in camp.

Several of Dallas' second- and third-teamers seem to be doing a decent job. Is Dallas finally building a team that has good backups, so the game doesn't drop off much when a starter gets injured?

Bryan: That has been the real plan from this front office and coaching staff. The scouts have done a really nice job of finding the players and the coaches have made it all work.

Rob: I think you see the depth at cornerback with their first-round pick Byron Jones in the top three or four at his position right now, and at defensive line with last year's sack leader Jeremy Mincey not a projected starter once Greg Hardy returns from suspension. Credit the scouts and front office. The position to watch closely Sunday night is offensive line – with so many starters banged up lately, how good is the depth there?

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