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Mailbag: How Many 7th-Round Picks Will Be Traded?


A lot of folks in the media have been predicting the Cowboys will draft a free safety early on, possibly even in the first round, but nobody's mentioned cornerback. So, what do you guys think, are the Cowboys more likely to spend a high pick (first three or four rounds) on CB or S?

Nick: I would think it makes more sense for a safety. Usually you want your first round pick to come in and start immediately. We've seen Morris Claiborne come in here and not be better than Scandrick. It's hard to assume a guy like Kyle Fuller or Darqueze Dennard or Justin Gilbert will step right in and be better than what the Cowboys already have. Still, having too many cornerbacks is never been a real problem for any team. But if it's first round, I think the safety – a guy like Pryor or Clinton-Dix makes more sense.

David:I just can't see this team spending a big pick on a corner, given the names on the [embedded_ad] roster already. Carr has a big contract, Scandrick just got extended and Claiborne is a top-10 pick who they still hope can excel. So, if they were to draft a cornerback highly, where do they make room on the field? I thinks safety is far more likely, maybe in the second or third round.

I know they can't trade compensatory picks, but do you think the Cowboys will keep the other three 7th picks? Or do you see them trading a couple of them to gain a 6th round pick(since they don't have one)?

Nick: I don't see them keeping them, especially with no sixth-rounder like you said. Seems like the Cowboys will try to get creative with those original sevenths. I would imagine they use those to sweeten the trade pot throughout the draft. My prediction is four seventh-round picks are taken.

David: I'd be interested to see how high they could climb using only seventh-round picks – they just aren't worth all that much. What seems more likely to me is that they'd throw a seventh rounder or two into a deal in the earlier rounds. I won't be surprised if they deal all the tradable seventh-round picks.

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