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Mailbag: How Much Can The Extra 7th Round Picks Help?


Considering how the Cowboys have had success in the past with late round draft picks and undrafted free agents, how advantageous will it be to have three extra seventh round compensatory picks?

Rowan: Any time you add picks in any round, it's definitely advantageous. It's almost like having first dibs on undrafted free agents. These players obviously weren't good enough to be taken in the first six rounds, but value can still be gained in the seventh and having six picks means six chances to land contributors. I don't expect them to keep all six, though. I imagine they may try to pack a couple picks for an earlier pick.

David: I'd be pretty stunned to see them use all 11 of these picks – especially when you consider the improbability of 11 draft picks making the roster. I don't know if that means the Cowboys will make a noteworthy, early-round trade, but having so many in the late rounds seems to make it more likely that they'll use them to do some trading. We all keep hearing about how deep this draft is, so there should still be some strong talent available in the late rounds.

What kind of veteran locker room presence do you think the Cowboys will experience this season? Who will stand up?

Rowan:Sometimes the lack of a locker room presence or vocal presence can be overblown, or it can be inferred that they don't have leaders because there's no one screaming. Sean Lee will be [embedded_ad] the player the defense looks to, and it's crucial he stays healthy and gets past his neck injury last season. Offensive players will still look to Jason Witten and Tony Romo, and by the end of last season Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray were both relied upon veterans.

David: Rowan stole some of my thunder with his answer. With Ware and Hatcher departed, I don't think there's any doubt this is Lee's defense. He's going to be vocal and he's going to be productive – he just needs to stay healthy. I also wonder if Henry Melton will take an active role, given the importance of his position. Romo and Witten are obvious answers for the offense, as is Bryant. Travis Frederick seems to have the makeup for that leadership-type of player, especially having proven himself capable as a rookie.

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