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Mailbag: How Much Does This Final Game Matter For The 53?


Do any players actually have a chance of making the team based on their actions in the last preseason game, or are minds already made up about the final 53 and this last preseason game is just to highlight them for other teams?

Nick: I think that's a great question, and yes they do. Those linebackers like Cameron Lawrence and Caleb McSurdy can do something big on special teams. Or maybe Anthony Armstrong can solidify his spot. Maybe Alex Tanney will play a lot and do enough to make sure the Cowboys keep him around. There aren't a lot of guys, but yes, some can make the team.

Rowan: For some of these guys on the edge of a roster spot, every snap can be the difference between being on the team or being on the street. Look last week at Jeff Heath's jarring hit that may help him make the final roster. While much of the roster is likely set, four or five players are probably on the verge of a roster spot, and a couple big plays can help them attain it.

Alex Tanney is reminiscent of Tony Romo's early career. What are the chances of him making this team?

Nick: I know I made that comment about Tanney and the early Romo a few weeks ago. I still see that today. I think he's probably a practice-squad guy now but they don't want to lose him. Right now, if the preseason games were up, I'd say he gets cut. But a great game on Thursday and maybe he sticks around. A true bubble guy. And if I remember correctly, Romo was in the same boat. He had a really long touchdown pass to Randal Williams and that put him ahead of Clint Stoerner for the No. 3 spot. Up until then, Stoerner was actually in the lead.

Rowan: I think I'm the only person at this site that thinks Tanney will make the 53-man roster. I wouldn't be shocked if he didn't, with injuries throughout the roster that could cause the team to go deep at different positions, but the Cowboys also don't want to lose a developmental quarterback they believe in. The same intrigue Tanney built at the beginning of camp is still there today, and the more the Cowboys show him in games, the more other teams will watch. They don't want to lose him.

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