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Mailbag: How Much Faith Do You Have In The Late Picks?


There seems to be some optimism that the picks in the later round of this year's drafts will somehow pan out and become contributors. Do you agree? Picking a bunch of seventh round and free agent players doesn't mean anything since they went to the end or undrafted for a reason. Am I missing something?

Nick: I think you are missing something just a little bit. This team has a starting quarterback, left guard, strong safety and kicker with undrafted players. So the Cowboys have done rather well this late. Does it mean they will all pan out? Of course not. But I think they've got optimism for guys like Ken Bishop, Ben Gardner and Ahmad Dixon and were ecstatic to get them so late.

David: Strictly from a numbers standpoint, there's no way the vast majority of these guys will make the team or contribute anything significant. But when you get into the later portions of the draft, if you can find one or two things that stand out about a player, go for it. I don't know if there's a Pro Bowler among these guys, but there's a handful of players with pretty impressive potential – which is all you can ask for from seventh-rounders and undrafted guys.

Since Sean Lee is injury prone, would the Cowboys consider putting him at outside linebacker and placing Anthony Hitchens in the middle and Bruce Carter at the other [embedded_ad] outside linebacker spot?

Nick: Let's see how Hitchens performs first before he anchors the middle of the defense. I think if Hitchens has a good season this year it could be something they consider down the road. Like any position, you get the best guys on the field. He has to prove that he can make the team and then become a starter. But I'm sure it will be discussed if he proves worthy of that role.  

David: Stephen Jones has told the media this spring that the Cowboys aren't considering Sean Lee as a candidate to change positions. But it's undeniable the team is concerned by Lee's durability, considering they just spent a relatively high pick on a backup for him. It reminds me a bit of Joseph Randle last year, who was brought in to spell DeMarco Murray if the starter got injured. Murray responded with his best and most-healthy season to date. Maybe the hope is that Lee will respond the same way?

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