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Mailbag: How Much Prep Would Zeke Need?


Hey guys, not asking you to predict when Zeke might return. But when he does return, just curious your opinion (based on being around Elliott in the past, and running backs in general) on how much practice time he would need to play in a game after missing all of camp?BERNARD C / FORT WORTH, TEXAS

Bryan: I think that Elliott would need at least a week, maybe two, to be ready to play. I would be real careful throwing him out there this week if he did sign.

Rob: Head coach Jason Garrett wouldn't speculate Monday, calling it a hypothetical situation without knowing exactly when Elliott will return. We saw Elliott have a great 2016 rookie season without much training camp and preseason work, but he did have a little. We saw Elliott play games in 2017 after his eligibility was uncertain throughout the week. But again, he took part in camp. I don't think it'll take him any time to adjust to the offense when he returns, but I'd imagine the Cowboys would like him to get at least a little practice in whenever he does return.

I know Mike White had his issues, but what is it that the Cowboys saw in Clayton Thorson to put him on the practice squad? - JACK FANELLI / BLACKWOOD, NJ

Bryan: Size, arm talent and anticipation. They liked him coming out of Northwestern, so it was an easy decision for them to make that change.

Rob: Thorson was a pretty productive four-year starter in a major-conference program, and just watching him during the open portion of Monday's practice, he's got the measurables and throws a nice ball. The practice squad is a good opportunity to develop.

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