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Mailbag: How's The Direction Of Team Under Garrett?


I like what Jason is doing and I don't believe he gets enough credit for what he's done. Not many coaches could completely overturn a roster and stay at .500 with chances to go to the playoffs. Do you guys like the overall direction of the team?

Bryan: I am taking a wait and see approach about this season with regards to the future of the head coach. You make a fair point about the turning over of the roster which I actually think is a strength of his. I also agree with you in the direction of the team but as always the bottom line is winning enough games and getting in the playoffs which he has yet to deliver.

Rowan: The direction of the team is great, in terms of how the locker room is and the types of players being brought in. Garrett and the coaching staff have a lot of players who fight until the end. The question is more about the talent of the team and wins and losses at the end of the season. Garrett's had a lot of time now, so results are now more important than direction.

Even though Mo Claiborne came up with the interception to seal the win against the Rams, teams seem to target him on 3rd downs, goalline and other crucial situations. Why not replace him with Sterling Moore in the nickel who plays with more confidence and intensity?

Bryan:I believe that if we continue to see Claiborne struggle and it costs this team a victory that in fact you will see Garrett make that switch. The one thing that [embedded_ad] Garrett doesn't have is job security and to continue to play players that cost him his future job potential would be foolish on his part. He said on Monday that he will play his best players no matter what their draft status is. Claiborne in my view is on a very short leash.

Rowan: I could see Claiborne once again getting action against the Saints as the nickel corner to see if he can take the confidence from the game-sealing pick last week into the future, but it's to the point now that if he starts struggling again throughout the course of the game, I agree that Moore should get more action. If this were simply about what they've shown on the field, I have to believe Moore would be getting more playing time.

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