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Mailbag: How Will Lissemore Respond To The New Scheme?



How do you think Sean Lissemore will benefit from the scheme change? I feel he could become the teams "quick twitch" pass rushing DT when Ratliff's tank runs dry. What do you guys think?

Bryan: I see Hatcher more as the backup to Ratliff as this three technique. The scheme change will help Lissemore because if he can attack the gap, he is a much better player. Before he got hurt, the coaches were putting him on the field in the nickel as a pass rusher, so that tells you that he can do the job and provide some pass rush ability.

Rowan: It depends where they decide to line him up. The hardest part about this scheme change is deciphering where each these linemen will end up. It's even difficult to predict whether some of the 3-4 linebackers will be 4-3 defensive ends. If Lissemore is a three-technique, he may be able quick enough to get some pressure through the middle. He would also be among the quicker one-techniques, but the Cowboys may want more size there. Wherever Lissemore is, he'll stay part of the rotation. The Cowboys have kept rather mum on where they plan to start most of their linemen.


The Cowboys were high on Ronald Leary last year. Is there a possibility that he shows enough improvement this offseason to become a quality starter at one of the guard positions?

Bryan: I believe that Leary is really a year away. I do believe that he will come in and be competitive but he needs to play in all five of these preseason games and go from there. The experience will help him but he needs to be a part of the 53, then get opportunities much like Parnell did. Was told that he made nice progress during times where he was working on the scout team. Bill Callahan will work hard to get him ready but I can see him as a backup to start.


Rowan: I'd say it's a possibility. At this point, outside of Tyron Smith, the best four players in camp will be starting alongside him. But none of those positions can or should be guaranteed. If Leary demonstrates that he's capable of stepping in and playing at a higher level than either of the two other guards, he should be considered for the starting job. But he may need a little more time.

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