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Mailbag: Impact Of Robert Quinn's Return?


We have not produced a lot of sacks through the first two weeks. What has led to this in terms of scheme or personnel and how big of a boost do you think Robert Quinn will be coming back? - ADAM SMITH / ROCKFORD, IL

Bryan: I liked the the addition of Quinn when they made the trade. There is no question that he will help the pass rush. The team will have a roster exemption for Quinn until Wednesday at 3 p.m. What I've noticed is that the defense has played against quarterbacks that are getting the ball out quickly. It's hard to get consistent pressure when that happens. Another factor is they're playing against better offensive lines.

Rob: Two sacks through two games, but it does seem like teams are trying to get the ball out quickly, too. The Cowboys believe they're not just getting an elite rusher, but an underrated run defender back in the lineup. Tyrone Crawford is still working through that offseason hip injury and had limited snaps against Washington. Quinn gives them more depth at that right defensive end spot.

What are you guys hearing about Trysten Hill's approach and how he's handling being inactive two games into his career? If Antwaun Woods misses any time, how does that impact Hill, if at all? - WAENARD W / FORT WORTH, TX

Bryan: Hill and Woods play two different positions. One is a nose, the other is an under tackle. Been hearing that Hill practiced well last week and continues to keep his chin up. It's a learning experience for him, but he's handling it well.

Rob: They play different positions, but Hill would give them general interior line depth if Woods were to miss time. Haven't heard anything but good things about the way Hill is working. So far it's been more about depth and versatility. Kerry Hyder moved inside some for Woods against Washington. Rookie Joe Jackson can play defensive end or tackle, too.

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