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Mailbag: Importance Of Keeping Tank Long Term?


There is no doubt in my mind that D-Law is a more complete football player than Kansas City's Frank Clark. From a roster building perspective, would you rather be Seattle with an extra first-round draft pick this year, a second-round draft pick next year and $105 million in cap space over the next five years, or the Chiefs with Frank Clark and his new contract and two less draft picks? - BRIAN SAMBIRSKY / SPRING, TX

Rob: You're referring, of course, to Seattle trading Clark for draft picks on Tuesday and the Chiefs subsequently giving Clark a long-term deal that looks very similar to DeMarcus Lawrence's new contract with the Cowboys. I'd rather be the Cowboys than either team in this situation, honestly. Lawrence is a two-time Pro Bowler, more proven, and he's a leader in their locker room. The Cowboys are pushing to take another step in the playoffs, not stockpile picks. Giving him that deal was really a no-brainer.

Bryan: Seattle made a great trade. They weren't going to pay Clark and getting those extra picks allows them to reshape the roster. More teams should consider operating this way, especially if you feel like you can draft well.


Which position has a better chance to stretch to pick 90 to provide value at that pick: safety or defensive tackle? Does that influence your pick at 58? - LANDON CABELL

Rob: We filmed a two-round staff mock draft Tuesday (look for it on this week) and I went with defensive line and safety, in that order, for picks 58 and 90. Both positions might be deep enough that you don't have to reach for one in the second round. However, not all of our writers addressed these two spots with the first two picks. The Cowboys really can go in a bunch of different directions based on the way they've covered themselves in free agency.

Bryan: On our mock draft for the Draft Show, we took DT Trysten Hill at that spot. We only did this because all the safeties we wanted got wiped out. There is a better chance for these tackles to stretch than these safeties and that made me want to consider trading up for a safety.

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