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Mailbag: Importance Of Versatility At Receiver?


With what the Cowboys have with Michael Gallup and Amari Cooper's ability to thrive from the slot, does it open the draft board for any type of receiver? Do you think drafting a slot-only player limits their scheme flexibility? - LANDON CABELL

Bryan: This is a great question. I believe they're going to look for a player like Cooper and Gallup's ability to play both spots. The one guy that I really like in the draft that can do both is Deebo Samuel from South Carolina. This guy has some Golden Tate to his game and would be a great fit here.

Rob: I like this question too because it's next-level thinking. Jerry Jones did speak about Amari Cooper's ability to play multiple spots. That's also one way to get him away from double coverage. Allen Hurns can move inside as well. But I wouldn't rule out Cole Beasley returning just yet. Obviously money will be a factor there, but he has always brought an important element with his short-area quickness in space.


It seems like there are a lot of Pro Bowl caliber safeties who will become available on the open market at the start of free agency. It appears to be a continuing pattern from last year's free agent class. That being said, is the position being devalued in the NFL like the running back position was prior to Gurley and Zeke? And if so, will it make a renaissance comeback? - AJ NARASIMHAN / SAN MARCOS, CA

Bryan: All I know is if you have bad safety play, you're going to have a bad defense. I don't think the position is devalued at all. The problem is finding players good enough to fill the roles they play. I still can't believe Landon Collins is going to walk from the Giants. It's rare that a player that young and talented will be playing football elsewhere in 2019. My bet is the Giants will one day regret making that decision.

Rob: The running back "devalued" debate is a little different because no position takes that many hits down after down besides maybe linebacker. It's an interesting question, but I'm with Bryan here. The Cowboys have been searching for a versatile playmaking safety since Darren Woodson retired 15 years ago. A safety who can cover, tackle and make you think twice about going over the middle? All important traits.

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