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Mailbag: Is 2023 Make-Or-Break Year for Dak?


I read an article that stated this upcoming season is a make-or-break year for Dak Prescott? With a contract extension looming, what do you think?Robert Jones/Houston, TX

Nick Harris: I'm not buying into this take just yet. Along with Mike McCarthy taking over as playcaller, the new offense in Dallas has been constructed completely around Dak Prescott and how he can be successful with the weapons around him. Even if worst case scenario happens in 2023, I doubt one bad season in year one under the new offensive system forces a contract extension to stall out and another signal-caller to find his way behind center. However, if turnovers remain as consistently frequent as last season, I could see that being a reality although I wouldn't necessarily bet on it.

Mickey: My first answer would be, who wrote that? Did you read that on our website, too? Also, on one of the local newspaper websites? Make sure you are reading writers actually covering the team, not from someone looking for clicks. If this is a make-or-break year for Dak, what determines that, especially after consecutive 12-win seasons, an NFC East title and winning a playoff game. Because if you are saying either Dak goes to the NFC title game or else, and if it's the "or else," what would be the alternative? These quarterbacks don't grow on trees. And again, Dak is not out there playing singles, as Bill Parcells would say about quarterbacks. Remember, and a good example would be, Dak put up 31 points as a rookie in that 2016 season playoff game against Green Bay and got beat, 34-31, on a walk-off field goal. In the 2018 season second round loss to the Rams, the defense gave up 273 yards rushing and 30 points. His fault they got beat 30-22? I would, the Cowboys would, and a reasonable person would agree, no it isn't a make-or-break season.

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