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Mailbag: Is Garrett Too Close To Romo To Evaluate Well?


Do you think Jason Garrett's relationship is too close to Tony Romo to effectively evaluate Tony's performance?

Bryan: I honestly believe that the Jason Garrett you see in front of the media talking about Tony Romo is not the same one that is in the meeting room or on the practice field with him. Let's be honest, Jason is not Bill Parcells when it comes to the way he handles his quarterbacks but that's not to say that he doesn't correct them when they sit down and watch tape together. I remember when I was in Green Bay and Favre threw 24 interceptions but Mike Holmgren came in and told him, "I am either going to sink or swim with you."  Quarterbacks and coaches have special relationships, Garrett and Romo are no different, and he understands when he makes mistakes but he also knows that this coach has his back too.  

Rowan: Garrett believes in Romo as his quarterback and decision maker, sometimes to a fault. There are times when Romo's relied on too heavily, and that could stem from overconfidence in the quarterback. That said, Garrett being a former quarterback himself, he probably knows what Romo's capable of and not capable of, despite what he might tell the media in most conference settings. I don't think his belief in Romo as a play-caller affects his evaluation of the quarterback. When Romo throws five picks, Garrett knows he had a poor day. The bottom line is despite any pitfalls Romo may have to start a game, he's also been the only quarterback on the team capable of digging the Cowboys back out of deficits.


Romo and the receivers seemed to be on the wrong page all season. Do you feel the receivers coach is safe?

Bryan: Wrong page all season? That's interesting. I guess the development of Dez Bryant, Dwayne Harris and Cole Beasley off the street was just by accident? If you would watch Jimmy Robinson coach these receivers day after day you would understand the kind of job he does. It's a group that the quarterback actually has confidence in. Their route running and production is better. Let's not forget what he did with Laurent Robinson last season who was awful this season in Jacksonville.  

Rowan: They might have been on the wrong page occasionally early on, but Dez Bryant also evolved into an elite receiver for the first time in his career. Dwayne Harris and Cole Beasley also flashed promise, reliability and development. Nobody on this coaching staff is safe right now, but Robinson did just as well as anyone else on the offensive staff.

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