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Mailbag: Is Offense the Best Run Defense?


The game against Minnesota showed that our offense is our best run defense. Dalvin Cook was averaging over six yards a carry, but we put such a lead on them they were forced to throw. Can/will this be our key to making a deep playoff run? – Joe Dusek/Rockport, TX

Kurt:In that not-so-distant past, it seemed like we regularly heard that reasoning from the Cowboys brass. That by adding to the offensive arsenal around Dak Prescott, the defense would also benefit. Well, look where that got them. Yes, racking up points and time of possession is going to help force the opponent to become one dimensional on offense, but to really make a deep run in the postseason, when the games become tighter and more physical, the Dallas defense is still going to have to prove it can at least keep an opponent's ground game in check and avoid what took place against the 49ers in last year's playoffs (169 rushing yards) and to the Rams in 2018 (273 rushing yards). As defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and several of the players have said, they have the talent, they just need to maintain their accountability. They do that week in and week out and the Cowboys defense won't have to rely on what the offense does.

Nick: I don't think you can count on other teams being as stubborn as the Vikings. They weren't committed to the run like they should've been. Second drive, they used Cook to run down the field but on second-and-2 from inside the 10, they passed twice and had to kick a field goal. Other teams will run it more especially in the colder weather. I don't think the Cowboys completely fixed anything but yes, a great offense will probably help.

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