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Mailbag: Is Prescott still a mobile quarterback?


I noticed that Dak Prescott has only one run in the red-zone this season, which I believe was a scramble, and he has yet to run the ball once in goal-to-go situations. Is removing that facet of his game hurting our red-zone offense? At this point in his career, would you still consider him a mobile quarterback? Because they don't seem to be using him that way. – Henry Franklin/Plano, TX

Nick Harris: I'm with you. I would love to see Dak Prescott get active with his legs, because we've seen him at his best in his career when he's mobile in not only getting out of the pocket, but also capitalizing on designed runs. It adds an extra layer to the offense when he's a threat with his legs, but it's not something we've seen on a consistent basis since his ankle injury in 2020. I understand keeping Dak healthy is of the upmost importance, but finding ways to get his legs back involved in the offense could only open more avenues of offensive success.

Patrik: I'm on record, often, as saying I'd like to see Prescott use his legs more. That isn't to say I want him to try and be Lamar Jackson, but it is to say that there are opportunities for first downs and touchdowns that I feel are there for the taking if Prescott's legs become a viable and consistent option in the offense; and especially in the red zone. Maybe it's risk mitigation for the Cowboys in trying to avoid letting defenses get extra hits on him but, if so, it's at the expense of production. I don't know that I've considered Prescott a mobile quarterback since his days at Mississippi State, because his career with the Cowboys has never truly exploited that dimension. And now that he's 30, he's definitely not that, but he's also not a statue, and I'd simply like to see him take off for a gainer when the Red Sea parts in front of him to make the defense account for him as well. And, of course, his physique on goal-to-go situations is a ready-made remedy, should the Cowboys choose to use it.

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