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Mailbag: Is There Something Wrong With Tony Romo?


This big, young offensive line has been downright overwhelming defenses in the run game, but Romo is still getting hit all too often and sacked too much when dropping back to pass. What is the issue? Is he holding it too long, is it coverage?

Bryan: This is what you are going to now get from Romo, because if the coverage is good down the field he is not going to force the ball and make a mistake. But I will say this too, there have been some snaps where there has been technique problems with the line and he has been forced to eat the ball as well. The Titans game was a really good example of that.

David: When you couple it with the first half of the preseason game against Miami, when the starting line gave up three sacks, it's a little concerning. I don't know if it's technique or chemistry or what, but it isn't good. Obviously it's early and there's still time to work on it. Another thing that should help the line is the Cowboys' success in the running game. If defenses have to account for DeMarco Murray, they'll be less likely to pin their ears back and gun for Romo. For the time being, it's definitely a trouble spot worth keeping an eye on.

What is going on with Romo? Is he playing hurt? He looks hesitant to throw the deep ball. Is this something we should worry about the whole season?

Bryan:I didn't want to believe that there was an issue with Romo, because I was told that he is physically fine but that doesn't appear to be the case at all. There were throws in the 49ers and Titans games that I have seen him make a hundred times and he did not connect. I believe that you should be worried until he shows signs [embedded_ad] that things will be different because when he misses a seven yard out to Witten before the half there is something wrong.

David: Be it Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Dez Bryant or Romo himself, the Cowboys don't appear to believe anything is wrong. Personally, I'm not buying it. I don't know if it's technique, rust or injury, but he simply looked off against the Titans. I assume it isn't that serious, or else the Cowboys would not have let him play two entire games – but there's no denying that he looks off. He had a few top-notch, full-speed throws on Sunday, but a large portion of his passes looked weak and fluttery going down the field. Fortunately for the Cowboys, they didn't have to lean on Romo to get a win yesterday. But there's going to come a time when the running game can't carry them, and they'll need to sort the problem out by then.

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