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Mailbag: Is This Already One Of Most Successful Drafts?


This has to be one of the most successful drafts the Cowboys have had in quite some time already, right?

Nick:Way too early to call. I've seen this before where it looks that way and it all changes. But if Wilcox and Frederick continue to start as expected, then it's a good sign. There's a good chance four of these rookies will be competing for starting jobs by next year's camp, along with Holloman and Terrance Williams. So far it looks good.

David: The early returns are encouraging, but let's not be too hasty. Travis Frederick has been serviceable through three games, Gavin Escobar caught his first career touchdown and J.J. Wilcox looks set to be a starter at safety from here on out. But the jury is still out on those guys, and they have made sizable contributions at a quick rate. What does that say about the other four picks? DeVonte Holloman has a fumble recovery, and Terrance Williams has 60 receiving yards, but that's about it. It's going to take a while before we know exactly what the Cowboys found with these seven guys. But the future looks pretty bright.

How do you think Barry Church is doing this season so far? I believe he has been the most underrated player on this defense; he has forced fumbles, broken up pass plays, and stuffed runs for short and no gains.

Nick:I can't really argue with you there. As for as being [embedded_ad] underrated, I think you're right. He is a good player and around the ball a lot. We haven't seen this team tested much by quarterbacks. Eli Manning had a huge day stat-wise, and then Alex Smith and Sam Bradford followed that. If we get past Denver and still like what we've seen from Church, that's a big deal.

David: I don't know if Barry Church will ever be that Ed Reed-type of safety who pops out of nowhere to intercept the ball and embarrass the opposing quarterback seven or eight times per season. But he's got two traits that I really admire in a safety: firstly, he's always around the ball, and secondly, he hits people – hard. It doesn't seem to matter if the play is on his man or to an opposite side of the field, Church seems to always find his way to be around the ball. Once he gets there, he either lays some wood or he finds a way to get involved. Check out his fumble return touchdown against New York. He came in after the tackle had been made, but he still found a way to make a play.

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