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Mailbag: Is This Holloman's Chance At A Starting Spot?


I miss Tony Romo the gun-slinger. When the offense is in the 2-minute drill and he calls play we see glimpses of his gun-slinging ability. Will Bill Callahan take the harness off of Tony at some point this season and allow him to do his thing?

Nick: Sounds good. You say that now, but do you miss the guy that throws a lot of picks at the end of games? Throws picks because he's trying to hurry up and score every play? If he could always find that middle ground, it'd be great. Personally, if your quarterback is throwing 21 touchdowns to six interceptions, I think you can win games that way.

Rowan:Part of allowing Romo to do his thing means having protection breakdowns. That's just a reality when it comes to gun-slinging. He wouldn't have to do that if he didn't need to buy himself more time. Now, it's become time for the Cowboys to test defenses on the outside more often, and that would require Romo doing that to allow the receivers to [embedded_ad]

finish their routes. I'm fine with throwing it up to Dez Bryant deep more often and sending Terrance Williams deep more often. I think that should open things up more for Cole Beasley, who should be one of the few to stick to the short game. He shouldn't run any deep outs or ins. Keep him in his comfort zone, which is the quick slant and outs.

The injury to Sean Lee is devastating. However, the injury to Justin Durant might have a silver lining -- might we see DeVonte Holloman (assuming he's healthy) make a move to take a starting job permanently?

Nick: I like the point. We'll see if it comes out that way, but typically this is how young guys get a chance. Holloman is one of the guys I think will be competing for a starting job in camp next year. Who knows, that might happen sooner than we all think. Then again, Durant has started to show up a lot more lately. These past two games have arguably been his best.

Rowan: You said it. It all depends on Holloman's health. The rookie linebacker was promising in the preseason, but this neck injury, which he described as a spinal contusion, was a serious deal. He hasn't hit anybody or taken any contact since the injury four weeks ago. If Holloman is able to go and practice, he will be the starter. A breakout game for him certainly could put him in position to be out there more often.

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