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Mailbag: Jon Kitna's Effect On Dak So Far?


Quarterbacks coach Jon Kitna and Dak Prescott have said complimentary things about each other, Kitna comparing Dak to Warren Moon and Dak saying he loves Kitna pushing him. Rhetoric aside, do you see anything in Dak's early game that shows any positive influence from Kitna's coaching? - JEFFREY CAMPBELL / NEW YORK, NY

Bryan: We've seen one practice. We're you're going to see a difference is in the training camp practices. It's the back to back work we see there that's going to make the difference on that view. I am honestly looking forward to it because I think Kitna can help with his mechanics.

Rob: You said it – it's real early after one open practice. Kitna has said he doesn't plan to totally "revamp" Prescott from a technical standpoint. It'll be about fine details, most notably footwork. The lower body is so critical to everything: getting away from center, working from the shotgun, creating space within the pocket, throwing motion.

It is quite early despite the collective bargaining agreement and his contract. If his health holds up, do you think the Cowboys brass will pay Jaylon Smith? Also, do you think that he will accept a team-friendly deal since the Cowboys took a huge risk with him? - PETER MADDEN / TRENTON, NJ

Bryan: I don't have a great feel for how they're going to play Smith's situation? I do plan to find out. The point you make about what they did for him makes perfect sense so I'll be interested if that's how it plays out.

Rob: Yes, I believe the Cowboys view Smith as part of their long-term future. Timeline for Smith getting an extension? Not sure. As you mentioned, he will be a restricted free agent next year. There's a lot of time to work something out, but I always wonder about the "team-friendly" thing. A player's right is to try to get the best deal they can, and Smith did miss out on millions with his 2016 injury. We'll see how that plays out.

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