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Mailbag: Jon Kitna's Impact On Dak So Far?


I've been reading about all the praise for Kellen Moore, but nothing for first-year quarterbacks coach Jon Kitna. Dak was ripping the ball and his legs were stable, giving him power in his throws. This is all Jon Kitna's teaching. All the pre-snap movement and new routes would be for naught if Prescott wasn't throwing the ball the way he was. Thoughts? - DAVID MOFFITT / TUCSON, AZ

Rob: All good observations. Not only power, Prescott also had some excellent touch on his long throws, like his touchdown to Amari Cooper down the left sideline. Give Moore credit, give Kitna credit, but also give Prescott credit for the command and anticipation he showed in the pocket. I said this a lot last year: We saw the same thing with Tony Romo years ago. The more Prescott is out there, the more he sees what defenses are trying to do against him, the better he'll get.

Bryan: Jon Kitna has been given plenty of praise, including from the quarterback himself. It was an easy day throwing the ball and there will be days where that might not be the case. That's where you'll see where Kitna has improved Prescott.

I thought Jourdan Lewis played a great game and made several big plays. I see Pro Football Focus had the same opinion. What was your opinion on his game? - ROSS MCGEE / BELMONT, NC

Rob: As usual, Lewis made the most of his snaps. He got more than usual (37 of 69 on defense) with Byron Jones working his way back from that hip injury. Lewis' playing time was scarce last year because Anthony Brown did such a good job in sub-package work, but perhaps Lewis can get more opportunities even when Jones resumes his normal role. You've got to appreciate his competitiveness.

Bryan: I wrote about him after the game. He appeared comfortable tackling and playing the ball down the field. For once I agreed with Pro Football Focus.

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