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Mailbag: Jourdan Lewis Contract Extension?


With the loss of Robert Quinn and the health concerns relating to Tyrone Crawford do you think last year's draft picks Joe Jackson and Jalen Jelks can take a step forward and be part of game day rotation? – ROGER SMITH / MELBOURNE BEACH, FL

Nick: Could they step forward? Yeah, they could and that would be a big plus. But I don't think it's something to count on. Now, I'll see this – players always seem to make their biggest jump from Year 1 to Year 2 in their careers But considering neither of them did much at all as rookies, they need to be an astronomical leap to even be considered as a Quinn replacement. The Cowboys will likely count on Randy Gregory to fill in if he gets reinstated. There could be another option in there down the road. But I think the draft is the best bet and probably in the first two rounds.

David: No disrespect intended toward either of those guys, but I don't think hoping for development from a pair of Day 3 draft picks is a good enough strategy. If Jackson or Jelks turns into a meaningful contributor, that's awesome. But there's got to be some kind of proven production at that position. It's far too important to ignore. Hopefully, the changes to the CBA mean that Randy Gregory can return and play a role. But I'd also be on the look out for other free agents that can help. Otherwise, the Cowboys may need to spend a high draft pick on a pass rusher.

I was somewhat surprised by the contract extension issued to Anthony Brown. I really like Jourdan Lewis's playmaking ability and upside. Wouldn't it be in the Cowboys best interest to extend him now then letting him hit the open market prior to his contract expiring. Your thoughts. – KENNETH JACOBS / DENVER, CO

Nick: I don't think the Cowboys are rolling in the cash anymore to be extending deals, especially to a guy that hasn't been a full-time starter. Lewis certainly makes plays but as a proven corner on the outside, the jury is out. So, it's hard to tell what the market would be right now. Maybe Lewis and his team don't want to do a deal because they could leave some money on the table. Maybe the Cowboys aren't ready either because they want to see a full season of him playing extended reps. Let's see wait and see on this one. I think he's perfect to go into a contract year and prove himself to get paid. But personally, I hope he does because he's an easy guy to root for.

David: Even if they were to re-up Jourdan, this is still a secondary that needs bodies. Prior to Brown re-signing, they had just two experienced starters under contract. You could argue they're still short-handed, even after bringing back Brown and adding Maurice Canady. And this allows the new coaching staff to see how Jourdan performs in their system before they commit to him. I don't have a problem with the way they played this.

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