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Mailbag: Keeping Offensive Line Chemistry?


No doubt Tyron Smith is a future Hall of Famer, but do you worry about the offensive line keeping chemistry and continuity once he returns? And will this slow Tyler Smith's development at all? – Alejandro Ochoa / Horizon City, TX

Nick: Yes, Tyron Smith is a future Hall of Famer like you said. I don't know if he's going to continue to play like a Hall of Famer. You could debate if he's been that guy for a couple of seasons now. He doesn't have to be a Hall of Famer. He doesn't have to be a Ring of Honor tackle or an All-Pro. He just has to be a really good, consistent left tackle who doesn't commit a lot of penalties and doesn't have Dak Prescott running for his life. If Tyron comes back and he's that guy, he's worth playing without a doubt. Not worried about chemistry and continuity because the Cowboys aren't – they switch more linemen around than anyone in the league. Tyler Smith has already shown he can adapt to whatever you throw at him. If he moves to guard now but back to tackle next year or in two years ... he'll be fine.

Mickey: If Tyler Smith ends up moving to left guard, this should in no way hinder his development as the left tackle of the future. Remember he trained at left guard all during training camp. I'd think those guys on the offensive line would be more than glad to have Tyron back on the field. But look at it this way, you'd think for a game or two the Cowboys would ease Tyron Smith in slowly, a series here and there so he could acclimate himself since not having played in a game since last season, not asking him to immediately play 60 snaps.

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