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Mailbag: Key Battles Up Front vs. Washington?


I know we rotate multiple defensive linemen, so which defensive ends and defensive tackles match up most favorably against the Redskins' offensive linemen? - BILL CONWAY / PALM SPRINGS, CA

Bryan: I really like Tyrone Crawford against left tackle Donald Penn in this game. The longer that Penn has to block the more issues he has. Crawford will attack him all day and that will be a problem for Penn who tends to get wore down.

Rob: Good question, because Washington has invested picks in their offensive line just as the Cowboys have on their defensive front. DeMarcus Lawrence says he's still rounding into form after so much time off. Thought he was very active in 32 snaps against the Giants, and it'll be interesting to see how much his workload grows against Morgan Moses, a capable right tackle.

What's your assessment on Washington's quarterback Case Keenum? Do you think he could give the Cowboys' secondary fits? - JOHNNY PETERSON / FAYETTEVILLE, NC

Bryan: I thought Keenum played well against the Eagles last week, and yes, he could give the Cowboys fits. He's going to take what they give him and he's not going to make a bunch of mistakes. Very similar to what they had with Alex Smith last season.

Rob: Keenum threw for 380 yards and would've been well over 400 had he hit Terry McLaurin for another deep pass in the second half. McLaurin, the rookie out of Ohio State, gives Keenum a speedy option. But I thought the Cowboys' secondary was arguably the team's strongest unit in camp, and they made some nice plays on the ball against the Giants. Will be interesting to see if Byron Jones' role expands this week.

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