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Mailbag: Kris Richard's Impact; Thompson's Start


Do the Cowboys have a good advantage over Seattle with having Kris Richard on the coaching staff? Will his knowledge of the team help with a win? - LUKE FORD / BOURNEMOUTH, ENGLAND

Bryan: Kris Richard doesn't play, but it would be foolish of the coaches on both sides of the ball not to pick his brain. There is no question that he could help the squad get an idea of personnel along with their strengths and weaknesses. The good thing is that Richard will know how to attack Russell Wilson because he'll be the key to this game.

Rob: To some degree, Richard's familiarity with Seattle's personnel certainly can't hurt from a game-planning standpoint. But the Cowboys have played Russell Wilson quite a bit in recent years, including last Christmas Eve. It'll come down to how well the defensive front pressures Wilson. That's been the primary difference in Seattle's two losses.


Even though the stat line doesn't jump out at you, I was really impressed with Deonte Thompson on Sunday night. His routes, his hands, his blocking were all on point. He showed he's so much more than just a deep threat. Is this the kind of performance you guys expect out of him? -JUSTIN OSWALT / FARR WEST, UT

Bryan: I loved the signing at the time and still do today. He has some complete receiver to him in the areas you mentioned. I also respect his toughness. He's not afraid to do the dirty jobs other than catching the ball. Every team needs a guy like Deonte Thompson on their squad.

Rob: Something Sanjay Lal said back in camp stuck with me and made me think the team had plans for Thompson on offense. Lal, who coached Thompson in Buffalo, said he really couldn't believe how Thompson hasn't stuck with a team because he's a professional and he's always been productive with limited opportunities. Right now he's second behind only Cole Beasley in catches among the receivers.

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