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Mailbag: La. Tech QB A Middle-Round Option? Why Escobar Has Few Stats?


You're probably tired of hearing QB questions, but I feel I'm not hearing Jeff Driskel's name mentioned enough in this draft process. I feel his Senior Bowl Performance was way overlooked. Why not pick an immediate impact player at No. 4 and an ultra talent like Driskel to groom in the middle rounds?

Nick: I actually like that approach. I'm not sure that Driskel would be the guy to go for, but I'm not saying he isn't. That type of quarterback is what I would target if I'm the Cowboys. I think you can get an immediate contributor at No. 4 overall but after that, I would have quarterback in mind. Driskel is the type of guy who could be groomed in the next couple of years.

Bryan: I don't disagree with you about the way in which Jeff Driskel performed during his week of practices and the way in which he played in the game. I thought it was interesting after the game in which Scott Linehan went up to him after the game and put his arm around him to talk about his final drive that resulted in a touchdown. With Driskel I have seen him look outstanding in games and I have also seen him look awful. There is no question that he needs to be in the mix of those quarterbacks like Jacoby Brissett, Brandon Allen and Kevin Hogan for consideration in this draft.


*Gavin Escobar seems to have good hands, but his stats haven't been what was expected of him. Why the poor receiving stats? *

Nick: Yeah, he has good hands and catches the ball when it's delivered. But he doesn't do all the little things that gets him – and keeps him – on the field. He was drafted to come in and complement Jason Witten in the 12 personnel but he just doesn't provide enough blocking help to keep them in that package. I think the Cowboys – and Tony Romo – prefer to use a three-wide look with Cole Beasley to give them better mismatches. After training camp, we thought Escobar was going to turn the corner but it just didn't happen. Now he's hurt and going to miss all offseason so it's going to be interesting to see when he's able to return.

Bryan: It's not Gavin Escobar's fault that they don't use him enough. They have tried to find a role for him whether that is as inline blocker or red zone target – it just hasn't worked out for him. He was drafted as a tight end for 12 personnel and their most productive group is 11 with Cole Beasley on the field. The scheme hurts him but what also hurts him is that he is not as good of a blocker as James Hanna. The vision they initially had for the player is not what he is and that is a mistake by the front office and coaching staff.

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