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Mailbag: Lawrence's Deal; Looney's Level Of Play


How's Joe Looney grading out? From the couch he seems to be playing at a high level. - RODNEY RASNAKE / DURHAM, NC

Bryan: There is no way that Joe Looney would be playing as well as he has if he didn't do anything about his weight and conditioning before the season. It is the direction that he took in the offseason that has paid dividends for the team. I've been impressed each game with his play down after down. There has not been one time where he's been a liability.

Rob: First off, I had no idea Looney was that fast – "with the belly," he said in jest the other day. I'm not just talking about the sprint to the end zone on Ezekiel Elliott's touchdown. He's agile getting out in space and pulling, a hallmark of this offensive line. I give him a lot of credit for being ready for this situation, because Travis Frederick's auto-immune illness came out of nowhere and before this season, Frederick had never missed a start in his career.


It's looking more and more like they should have extended DeMarcus Lawrence Instead of franchising him because the way he's playing it will cost them. Do you think they will try it again? Is it better to get it out of the way? - STEPHEN GRAYSON / GREENVILLE, MS

Bryan: By rule they cannot sign him until after the season. That time passed in the middle of July. The Cowboys knew what they were up against, and with the way he's played these past two seasons that the extension is more and more likely.

Rob: Look, the Cowboys have gotten ripped in the past for paying players big money too soon. If in fact they wanted to see Lawrence repeat his Pro Bowl level of play, that's their right. I didn't have a problem with franchising Lawrence and he didn't, either. He still got $17 million guaranteed. He's out to prove he's no one-year wonder and doing a nice job of that. Like Bryan said, talks can't resume until after the season.

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