Mailbag: LB Rotation With Lee? Sacks vs. Dak?



With Sean Lee's eventual return to action in a week or two, how can Dallas get all three linebackers (Lee, Jaylon Smith, Leighton Vander Esch) on the field at the same time?

Bryan: Sure they can. Can play three-man line and then use Jaylon Smith as the fourth rusher. They will find more creative ways to play with these guys.

Rob: Talk about a terrific problem to have when Lee gets back. I don't think they all have to play at once, all the time. We've seen that a little when all three have been active. But before Lee hurt his hamstring, the coaching staff was rotating the trio, giving Lee a series off here and there. The goal is to keep everybody fresh.


Is Dak getting sacked so many times more of a product of him and his pocket awareness and holding the ball too long, or is the line just not getting him the time he needs? I know the line is hurting without some key people being healthy, but they still seem formidable. Thoughts?

Bryan: Sacks are a product of quarterback, receivers and the line. If you have problems in any of those areas, you're going to struggle. To put the entire blame on Prescott is not the right direction at all. Yes he's had a hand in some of the sacks but not all of them. That's an offensive issue.

Rob: I think it's a little bit of both. Watching back the Saints game, it looked like there were times that Prescott didn't feel the rush in time. That has happened at times this season. But you don't take a league-high 45 sacks without protection being an issue, too. Overall the line has done a better job during this win streak.