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Mailbag: Less Read Option? Roughing Passer Rule?


Would love to get your thoughts on why the offense isn't running more run-pass-option. It worked great against the Giants, and Dak has demonstrated that he's very comfortable running that style offense. -CHRIS BURKE / AUSTIN, TX

Bryan: Without sitting in those meetings I really don't have a great answer. Coaches tend to go with what is working for them and clearly Prescott running the ball is not a bad option. I wonder if the coaches were influenced by Stephen Jones' comments about taking chances with Prescott in that regard. I am with you though – play to his strengths and let's see where this goes.

Rob: They ran it a little against Seattle but not as often as the Giants game, no doubt. It surprised me, too. I don't know that they want Prescott exposing himself to hits that often, and as well as Elliott was running on his own, maybe they didn't feel like they had to use it as much. But I agree it's something that seems to help Dak get in a rhythm.


It appears that in an effort to protect quarterbacks, the league is making it impossible for a defense to tackle the QB. I feel it will get worse before it gets better. Is there not a better way to protect QB's? -SHAWN EVANS / TEXARKANA, TX

Bryan: In the league's mind, the quarterbacks are the money makers. Without those guys under center it will suffer. I don't like it, but I am not against player safety. Yet, when you have a perfect-form tackle like the one Tyrone Crawford had on Russell Wilson, it makes you wonder if the league went too far?

Rob: I'm all for making the game safer. At the same time, these plays happen so fast, I don't know what players are supposed to do in some of these situations. We saw it with Tyrone Crawford and with Green Bay's Clay Matthews the week before. You don't want the defensive player winding up with an injury because he starts hitting the quarterback at an awkward angle, either.

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