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Mailbag: Maher's Kicks; Approach To Week 17?


Is it safe to say the decision on keeping Brett Maher was the right move for this team? - ELLIOTT APONTE /

Rob: Based on his entire body of work to this point, yes, you've got to say it's worked out. Having a kicker with 60-plus yard range is so beneficial to an offense. And if you look toward the playoffs, it's worth noting that the kicking conditions should be favorable for him at home in the first round (and possibly beyond if they're able to advance).

Bryan: At this point it appears to be the right one. Kickers are so huge in these games and the fact that they appear to have one that can make them from long range is a huge plus. 

How do you guys feel about a meaningless Week 17 game? How would you approach it? Obviously, I like clinching the division and not having to worry about getting knocked out of the playoffs. However, I personally prefer the final game to have some meaning. Thoughts? - ROB GRAY / FAIR LAWN, NJ

Rob: Jason Garrett doesn't view this game as meaningless, and he certainly doesn't want the team feeling that way. No, the result won't affect their playoff status, and I guess it remains to be seen how much certain starters will in fact play. But if nothing else, it's important for the guys to have a strong week of practice and continue that momentum forward into the next week.

Bryan: Nope. Happy it ended the way it did. These guys have been playing playoff games since Week 9. For them to rest a few players and get them healthy for the playoffs is the best case. There are teams in this league that don't have that option, and I am glad I am not one of them.