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Mailbag: Major Shift In The WR Competition?

Cowboys Rams Football
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Devin Smith, left, makes a touchdown catch as Los Angeles Rams defensive back Darious Williams defends during the first half of a preseason NFL football game Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019, in Honolulu. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

With Devin Smith coming on strong the past few weeks and a good showing against the Rams, if he continues to play well what do you believe his chances are of making this team? - MICHAEL DAVIS / SAN JOSE, CA

Bryan: His chances of making the squad are outstanding. They're looking for that final guy to make up the group and he's shown up better than Jon'Vea Johnson and others at this point. He needs to finish these games strong and maintain his health.

Rob: Growing by the day. There's a reason he was a second-round draft pick a few years ago. I guess it's possible the Cowboys keep six receivers, meaning one of the young wideouts could still make it, too. But right now, no one among that bubble group is playing any better than Smith. He probably should've scored a touchdown against the 49ers, too.

Why haven't they tried seeing what Taryn Christion has done as far as playing quarterback? Can he overtake Mike White? There had to be a reason they have taken him onto the team besides just an extra body? - DOMINIC GALLEGOS / ALBUQUERQUE, NM

Bryan: They have a plan for Taryn Christion. He's your new Jameill Showers on the practice squad. They're going to use him the way they used Showers once the season started. He's going to play a ton of positions and figure out what's the best position for him. It might not even be quarterback.

Rob: Christion is listed as a quarterback, but we haven't seen many reps from him. He has lined up in a lot of spots at different points in practice – receiver, running back, special teams. As Bryan said, we've seen this approach with Showers in the past: a good athlete they like and seeing if there's a spot for him. Definitely a practice squad candidate.

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