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Mailbag: Mentoring Current TEs? Safety Measure?


With all of the talk regarding drafting a tight end, does that mean the tight ends currently on the roster can't be coached or mentored by Jason Witten to improve their blocking? - THOMAS GREGORY / NORTH PORT, FL

Bryan: It's not all about blocking here. This scheme requires them play a large role in the passing game as well. The upcoming draft has players that can both catch and block. The goal of the front office is to upgrade the position, and this group can surely provide them the opportunity to do just that.

Rob: I don't think that's the case. The Cowboys simply aren't going to rule out tight end in a deep class just because Witten signed for 2019. If a great prospect falls to them, they should consider it. They draft best when they're true to their board. In my opinion, though, it seems less likely now that tight end is an early pick. Defensive line (edge or tackle) is easily the biggest need at the moment.


With all the talk about good and great safeties available in free agency, which safety position would you upgrade? Xavier played well his first year at free safety. Is Dallas really going to be in a market for one of these good free safeties that will be available? - TYLER BAEM / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Bryan: Other than Earl Thomas and Landon Collins, the list of safeties you talk about are the same guys that were available last year and they didn't go that route. I promise you that they would love to have either Thomas or Collins, but at what cost? I'd keep an eye on the draft for the next guy to pair with Woods.

Rob: I don't see Woods' role decreasing either, but the Cowboys will look at possibly adding more depth and more playmaking to the rotation, either through the draft or free agency. They also view their safeties as relatively interchangeable. (Think about Jeff Heath's role; he can't be defined as a "box" safety.) It's shaping up to be a pretty deep free agent class, which might increase the odds of finding a bargain after the first wave.

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