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Mailbag: Mike McCarthy's Field Goal Strategy? 


Last year the coaching staff seemed very content on kick 50+ yard field goals instead of trying to push the ball down the field more for a better opportunity. This in turn put the defense in terrible field position in some situations. With Greg the Leg looking good in camp so far, do you think this coaching staff will try the same strategy or be more aggressive to get better field position? — JEFFREY HANSON / DETROIT, MI

Nick: I'm sure it's not just one answer for this. There are lots of factors involved, such as the score of the game, how it's going, the offense on the other side of the field and just how the Cowboys' offense is functioning, not to mention how confident the team is in the kicker. You can't just say this is the strategy. There are moments in which you need to keep scoring and I would imagine Mike McCarthy has his own way of managing a game. It's always great to have a powerful leg in your kicker but I do think it's probably better to save that for the end of a half or game. Me personally, I would like to see them either go for first downs or try to pin them back with a punt.

David: I know a lot of people are joking that, because Greg Zuerlein isn't taking any long kicks, it means Mike McCarthy has no intention of kicking from long range. I really doubt that's the case. Like Nick said, those decisions are going to come down to a bunch of different factors within the flow of a game. But, I really hope McCarthy is a lot more proactive on the other side of the 50-yard line than his predecessor was. In my view, you should be going for it way more often than not if the ball is between midfield and the opponent's 30-yard line. We'll see just how aggressive McCarthy wants to be.

While there is so much to like about this rookie class, with the play of Lamb & Diggs, we seem to have two rookies who will play significant roles in year one, including possible starters if not for certain. So what other rookie do you think will be a possible third starter or another major contributor? — JOHN WALKER / AUSTIN, TX

Nick: I think you would have to just go right down the line with the third-round pick. I would see Neville Gallimore eventually getting into the rotation because of Gerald McCoy's injury. Gallimore has looked good at times and will probably continue to get better. He makes the most sense to me among the rest of the rookie class. I don't see Robinson getting on the field much and I'm not expecting much from Biadasz right now, as well.

David: If I had to pick a third rookie based on training camp production, I'd probably say Bradlee Anae. The problem is that he plays in a loaded position group. Anae has shown a lot of juice as a pass rusher, but the coaching staff is going to have to get him involved on special teams if they want to carry him to the game day roster.

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